Microsoft Office 97 Professional Edition Retail Box

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Microsoft Office 97 Professional Edition Retail Box
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Microsoft Office 97, the latest edition of the world’s best selling office suite, integrates intelligent applications with the power of the Internet so you can get your job done faster and more effectively than ever before.

Microsoft Office 97 brings together the world’s best selling productivity applications in a unified work environment, making it easy to organize your information and tasks. Office 97 helps you improve your performance by providing unparalleled consistency between applications, such as common commands, menus, and toolbars, so you can get your work done faster and better than ever before. Office 97 now includes Microsoft Outlook®: a powerful new desktop information manager. Outlook keeps your electronic mail messages, appointments, contacts, tasks, and access to your documents in one place. And it’s tightly integrated with all Office 97 applications, making it easy for you to organize, view, and share the information you work with every day.

Bring the power of the Internet to your PC. Revolutionary new Web technology built right into Office 97 helps you quickly author exciting, multimedia Web pages directly from your Office 97 applications without having to learn HTML. Add hyperlinks to other Office documents for easy navigation from document to document, whether they are on your hard drive, your company intranet, or even the Internet. And easily share information and collaborate with others using powerful, advanced workgroup features.

Office 97 is intelligent software that’s designed to help you get powerful results quickly. Innovations such as the new Office Assistant give you advice, help, and tips while you work. Even more Microsoft IntelliSense® features, such as Spell It in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint® and the background grammar checker in Word, which find and fix common spelling and grammatical errors with the click of a mouse, all vastly simplify your everyday work. And Office 97 also takes advantage of new Microsoft IntelliMouse® functionality, which streamlines on screen navigation of your documents.

Microsoft Office 97 provides all the tools you need to get organized, get connected, and get your job done in new and better ways!!
  • Attractive Retail Box
  • This is the full version - not an upgrade!
  • Includes:
  • Microsoft® Word 97 is the world's leading word processor. Word simplifies common word-processing tasks with built-in intelligence. By recognizing what you want to do, Word quickly produces the results you need, so you get more done with less time and effort.
  • Microsoft® Excel 97 brings core spreadsheet functionality to the surface to make it more accessible to all users. Basic operations, formula creation, printing and formatting, and charting have all been simplified to remove the barriers between the user and power of the spreadsheet.
  • Microsoft Access 97 for the Windows® 95 and Windows NT® operating systems provides relational database power to give you the information you need to make better decisions. It integrates data from spreadsheets and other databases and is the easy way to find answers, share information over intranets and the Internet, and build faster business solutions. Corporate Web pages. Sales figures and invoices. Customer names and addresses. Today, data is everywhere—on your PC, on local networks, and on the Internet. But how do you make sense of it all? The Microsoft Access 97 relational database management system structures your data so you can find answers easily, share timely information, and build faster solutions that help you make better business decisions.
  • Microsoft® PowerPoint 97 can easily organize, powerfully illustrate, and professionally deliver your ideas. Whether conducting an informal meeting, presenting to an audience, or delivering your message over the Internet, you'll have the tools you need to communicate with impact.
  • Microsoft® Outlook 97 manages e-mail, calendars, contacts, tasks and to-do lists, and documents or files on the hard drive. Outlook helps users communicate through e-mail, phone support and group scheduling capabilities. Outlook also helps users share information by means of public folders, forms and Internet connectivity.
  • *Provides interactive advice, help, and tips to help you learn as you work, and it's completely customizable so you can choose the Office Assistant and the options that best suit the way you work.
  • *Office 97 brings the power of the Internet to your desktop, with revolutionary new tools for finding information, publishing rich documents, and working with others.
  • *Improved Software Administration - Microsoft has made substantial advances in making Office easier to set up, configure, and support.
Product Requirements
  • Personal or Multimedia computer with a 486 or higher processor
  • Microsoft Windows® 95 operating system or Microsoft Windows NT® Workstation 3.51 Service Pack 5 or later (will not run on earlier versions)
  • For Use on Windows 95. 8 megabytes (MB) of RAM required to run applications individually (12 MB required to run Microsoft Access); more memory may be required to run additional applications simultaneously
  • For Use on Windows NT Workstation. 16 MB of memory required to run applications individually; more memory may be required to run additional applications simultaneously
  • Office Standard Hard-Disk Space Required. 60–167 MB; approximately 102 MB required for typical installation depending on configuration (use the Office Upgrade Wizard during setup to maximize free disk space)
  • Office Professional Hard-Disk Space Required. 73–191 MB; approximately 121 MB required for typical installation depending on configuration (use the Office Upgrade Wizard during setup to maximize free disk space)
  • CD-ROM drive
  • VGA- or higher-resolution video adapter (Super VGA 256-color recommended)
  • Microsoft Mouse Microsoft IntelliMouse® or compatible pointing device
  • Additional Items or Services Required to Use Certain Features 9600- or higher-baud modem (14400 baud recommended)
  • Multimedia computer required to access sound and other multimedia effects
  • Microsoft Mail Microsoft Exchange Internet SMTP/POP3 or other MAPI-compliant messaging software required to use e-mail
  • The Publish To The Web feature in Microsoft Access requires Microsoft Internet Information Server for Windows NT or Microsoft Personal Web Server for Windows 95
  • Microsoft Exchange Server required for certain advanced workgroup functionality in Microsoft Outlook® Some Internet functionality may require Internet access and payment of a separate fee to a service provider
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