Microsoft® Publisher XP (2002) - French Version OEM

Microsoft® Publisher XP (2002) - French Version OEM
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Microsoft® Publisher 2002 business desktop publishing program is designed for business users who are serious about creating professional-looking marketing and business materials without the assistance of a professional designer. A flexible wizard model integrated into the new Task Pane allows users to quickly and easily apply design options to create high-quality newsletters, flyers, brochures, Web sites, and more. With increased support of commercial printing functionality, first introduced in Publisher 2000, and the creation of the Publisher Service Provider Program, business users can easily locate commercial printers, service bureaus, and copy shops to output Publisher files. Publisher 2002 simplifies the way people work by incorporating popular productivity tools from current and prior versions of Office, further reducing learning between Office applications. New features include Headers and Footers, Print Preview, customizable toolbars, Office Clipboard, OfficeArt, AutoShapes, Thesaurus, AutoRecover, multiple documents and more. Publisher 2002 offers more than 8500 template options to start creating and customizing common business publications, including newsletters, postcards, brochures, Web sites and catalogs. Publisher smartly integrates the Office XP task pane to give users thumbnail previews and single click access to important design tasks - color schemes, font schemes, layouts and publication designs. New commercial printing options include a 4-color process and spot color printing, giving you additional options for professional printing. You can export print-ready Publisher files for viewing on the Web, AutoConvert an existing brochure or newsletter to a Web site, or create a new Web site with the Web Site Wizard. Or, distribute your single page Publisher file as an e-mail message or an e-mail attachment!!
  • Microsoft® Publisher XP (2002) - French Version OEM
  • French Language Version
  • No Retail Box, COA, Printed Manuals or Documentation are Provided
  • This is a Full Version - Not an Upgrade
  • Packaging: Original 1 CD with 'Edge to Edge' Hologram in a Slim Jewel Case with Unique and Unregistered Product Key Number on Generic Sticker for Installation and Registration wrapped in a custom plastic package!
  • Microsoft® 'CD(s) Only' are supplied as 'CD(s) only.' If your intent is to use it as a valid End-User License please obtain your own legal opinions as to the validity. We assume no liability from any consequences arising from your decision.
  • OEM: End-User must purchase with qualifying hardware
  • Send as Email:
  • With new support for the HTML file format, Publisher 2002 now lets you send a Publisher publication as an email message, in addition to sending as an attachment.
  • Save As Picture:
  • The new Save As Picture option lets you save selected objects or an entire page, as a picture file. Use the images in other publications or documents. How to: select object(s) such as masthead at right. Right-click the object(s) and in the shortcut menu, choose Save As Picture. Graphic file formats include GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIF, BMP, WMF and more.
  • Smart Tags:
  • Publisher supports two of the Office XP Smart Tags: Paste Options and AutoCorrect Options. The new Paste Options smart tag simplifies the process of applying the desired formatting to text that has been pasted from a variety of sources (documents, Web, etc). Once the text has been pasted into Publisher, the the Paste Options smart tag appears giving you the option to Keep the Source Formatting, Keep the Text Only, or Use the Destination Styles.
  • Task Pane:
  • Consistent with Office XP, Publisher 2002 features the new Task Pane. For Publisher, the task pane integrates common productivity features with the publication wizard pane found in previous versions of Publisher. The task pane supports visual previews of designs, layout options, Font and Color schemes and more. In addition to Publisher unique task panes, Publisher also has several Office task panes in common -- all designed to simplify the creation of materials.
  • Word Document Wizard:
  • Open basic Microsoft® Word documents in Publisher and preserve text styles, formatting and graphics. The new Word Import Options task pane lets you apply Publisher options to your Word document, including a Publication Design, Color Scheme, and Font Scheme.
  • Commercial Printing: Process Plus Spot Color:
    Publisher 2002 includes additional support for commercial printing, including support for process color plus spot color within a single publication, support for more than 3 spot colors (up to 12), and built in support for single color publications.
  • Font Schemes:
  • Font Schemes make it quick and easy for users to choose a set of text styles that look good together using designer-created Font Schemes. Users can apply one of 25 Font Schemes to Publisher documents or imported Word documents.
  • Background Save and AutoRecover:
    Automatic recovery has been added to Microsoft® Publisher, meaning files are automatically saved with a specified frequency.
  • Thesaurus:
  • Publisher includes the same thesaurus functionality found in Microsoft® Word; Thesaurus and dictionary are shared if both products on computer.
  • Speech:
  • Use speech recognition to dictate text, and select menu, toolbar, and dialog box items. Select options by clicking buttons on the Language bar.
  • 15 New Master Sets:
  • Publisher 2002 adds 15 new Master Sets (for a total of 35 Master Sets) created by 3 carefully selected design agencies. Each Master Set consists of more than 25 different publication types, representing the most common page layout publications for business users (newsletter, catalog, brochure, Web site, etc).
  • Styles and Formatting task pane:
  • The new Style and Formatting task pane shows available style and formatting options that users can apply to their document. View all the fonts within a Font Scheme in the Styles and Formatting task pane. If the user creates a unique style, it is automatically added to the list of available options.
  • Search (task pane):
  • As part of the Task Pane, the new search capabilities of Publisher make it simple to find text in a document. Users can also find files or folders -- regardless of where they are stored -- without needing to leave the document they are working on. Furthermore, users can index the files on their machine. The search result is faster and comprehensive.
  • New Publication task pane:
  • As with all the Office applications, the Task Pane provides a single location where users can create a new file or open an existing file. The Publisher New Publication Task pane combines the Publisher Catalog (the visual browsing point for choosing a new publication) and the wizard pane. Users can choose to create a new publication by starting with a Design Set (ie: Scallops, Bars) or with a Publication Type (ie:newsletter, brochure), or . start with a Blank Publication. Publisher includes a visual gallery for choosing pubs.
  • AutoShapes:
  • Publisher now includes the AutoShapes feature found in the other Office applications. Ready-made shapes include lines, connectors, basic shapes, block arrows, flowchart elements, stars and banners, and callouts. Users can resize, rotate, flip, color, and combine the shapes with other shapes such as circles and squares to make more complex shapes. To add text, start typing in the AutoShape.
  • Print Preview:
    Consistent with the Office applications, Publisher users can now check the design, layout and content before printing, as well as preview color separations and trapping.
  • Customizable Toolbars:
  • A long requested customer feature for Publisher. Users can now customize existing toolbars bars or create new ones, just like the rest of the Office applications.
  • Multiple Documents:
  • Publisher users can now open multiple Publisher publications, making it easier to copy content from one Publisher file into another. The number of publications that a user can have open at any one time depends on available system resources.
  • Handwriting:
  • Publisher 2002 enables users to take handwritten notes on their handheld device and upload their notes as text directly into their Office applications.
  • Office Assistant:
  • The Office Assistant is hidden by default. It appears when Help is activated and hides when Help is completed.
  • Picture Toolbar:
  • Users can use the Picture toolbar to change the color and brightness, set transparent color, crop a picture, insert a picture from scanner, change the line and border style, choose text wrapping options, format a picture, and reset a picture.
  • Streamlined User Interface:
  • Publisher 2002 shares the same new look and feel of OfficeXP to improve the user’s experience. This includes removing visually competing elements, visually prioritizing items on a page, increasing letter spacing and word spacing for better readability, and defining foreground and background color to bring the most important elements to the front.
  • Help: Ask a Question:
  • Like the other Office applications, Publisher enables users to type a question without launching the Answer Wizard or the Office Assistant. Even if the assistant is turned off or hidden, the question is answered in an Answer Wizard balloon.
  • Horizontal Rule:
  • This customer-requested feature enables users to add a rule before or after a paragraph, as well as set the appearance, color, and position within the document.
  • Font Substitution:
  • Sometimes a publication contains fonts that are neither on your computer nor embedded in the publication. When this happens, Microsoft® Publisher temporarily substitutes similar fonts for the missing ones. Publisher now also lets users choose to temporarily font substitute for display and printing, or permanently substitute a font in the publication.
  • New Web Site Designs:
  • Publisher features 15 new Web site designs as part of the new Master Sets.
  • Office Clipboard:
  • Publisher now supports the Office Clipboard enabling users to copy up to 24 pieces of information at once, across all the Office applications, and store the data on the Task Pane.
  • Search Task Pane:
  • As part of the Task Pane, the new search capabilities of Publisher make it simple to find text in a document. Users can also find files or folders regardless of where they are stored, without needing to leave the document they are working on.
  • Connect to Tools on the Web for Additional Value:
  • Choose the "Tools on the Web" option within Publisher to extend Publisher with a growing list of new, online marketing tools and services from Microsoft® bCentral, Microsoft® and 3rd parties.
  • Open/Edit Publisher HTML File:
  • Publisher 2002 supports HTML as a opening and editing Publisher-generated HTML files while maintaining the fidelity of the Publisher publication. Users posting a Publisher HTML file to the Web over a low bandwidth connection should download the latest Publisher Product Update (available 6/15).
  • Headers and Footers:
  • Users can create headers and footers with automatic page numbers, current date and time display, and any text. The Add On the Master Page option enables users to add headers and footers to the entire publication or just to a single page.
  • Tools on the Web:
  • With support for VBA in Publisher, you connect to a Web site and integration additional functionality into Publisher. Currently, Tools on the Web will offer bCentral LinkExchange Banner Network and bCentral FastCounter. Additional free and paid services will be available for Publisher through Tools on the Web at launch.
  • Standard Features:
  • 4-Colour Process Printing:
  • This feature provides users with the flexibility to print their publications in full four-color process at a commercial printer. This is especially beneficial if users need larger quantity print runs or higher quality printing.
  • Commercial Printing: Trapping:
  • A commercial printer can set a publication to automatically trap an entire publication or to trap on a per-object basis. A printer can use the default trap settings or can modify those settings based on equipment needs.
  • Pack and Go Wizard:
  • Pack and Go Wizard makes it easy to take a Publisher file to a commercial printer or copy shop by packing a publication and graphics across one or more disks, and embedding True Type Fonts.
  • Commercial Printing Tools:
  • Advanced commercial printing tools provide the tools a pre-press professionals needs to efficiently prepare a Publisher file for printing, including automatic and per object trapping, graphic and font management, tools.
  • Commercial Printing: Font Embedding:
  • Publisher 2002 automatically embeds all publication fonts, ensuring that users get the appropriate font in a printed publication regardless of where it is printed. It also provides complete information on all font-licensing rights for a user’s prepress bureau.
  • Recolor Picture:
  • Smartly recolor clip art and graphics to another color or another color plus black to allow you to create a unique look for your graphics, or convert them to 1 and 2 colors, for economical printing with spot colors.
  • Copy and Paste:
  • Easily open Word documents in Publisher, preserving your font styles. Use Publisher’s unique wizard tools to apply a design, font scheme, or change the number of columns.
  • Create Once, Publish Anywhere:
  • The unique AutoConvert feature of Publisher lets users convert print-ready newsletters and brochures into ready-to-use Web sites; or, convert any Web site created with the Publisher Web Wizard to a print-ready brochure or newsletter. Now combine 4-colour Process Printing with Spot Color Printing and take to a commercial printer to get just the print quality and quantity that you need. Now, send your Publisher file as an email or as an email attachment.
  • Save as Picture:
  • Select and group text, picture, or drawing objects together, right-click the selection, and then choose to Save as Picture (.Reuse design elements created in Publisher in another publication, or insert into other Office documents.
  • Save As:
  • Allows you to save your Publisher 2002 files to a Publisher 2000 or Publisher 98 file format, HTML, or PostScript for easy file sharing.
  • Improved Features:
  • Commercial Printing: Multiple Spot Colors:
  • Publisher 2000 introduced cost-effective spot-color, commercial printing by creating or converting publications to one or two colors plus black. Customers who wanted to precisely match Pantone colors to business colors often needed more options than two plus black. Publisher 2002 supports up to a total of 12 spot colors.
  • Office Productivity Features:
  • Listening to user requests, Publisher 2002 includes several new features that users have found popular in other Office applications, including customizable toolbars, headers and footers, Print Preview, AutoShapes the Picture toolbar, support for multiple documents and more.
  • Mail Merge (task pane):
  • The latest versions of Publisher and Word share a new and improved mail merge feature. This feature enables easy mail merges within a publication using Word, Outlook, Excel, Works, and other common address books and databases.
  • Publication Designs (task pane):
  • Visual representations of publication designs integrated into the Task Pane speed the process of choosing a publication design or applying a new design.
  • Resume Wizard:
  • Available in earlier versions of Publisher and as a download on Office Update Web site, the Resume Wizard has been improved and added back into Publisher.
  • Web Options Compatibility:
  • Users can target a particular level of browser when creating publications for the Web or creating a new Web site within Publisher. This is done via the new "Browsers" tab in Web Options. This tab brings together all the browser-specific options. Users can choose their target browser from a drop-down menu and set specific browser options in their documents.
  • Page Setup:
  • The Page Setup and Print Setup dialog boxes have been combined in this latest version of Publisher, making it easier and more intuitive for users and printers to setup a publication for printing.
  • Graphics Compression:
  • Publisher supports additional native graphic file formats including JPEG and TIF. This results in a reduced file size for embedded graphics within Publisher files.
  • Support for Pantone Colors:
  • A standard ink-matching system enables users and printers to designate a specific color to match during printing. Pantone Solid (spot colors) and Pantone Process colors are included. Publisher 2002 supports additional Pantone options for various types of paper.
  • Insert Hyperlink Dialog Box:
  • Publisher shares the same new intuitive Insert Hyperlink dialog box with OfficeXP applications. Users can insert a hyperlink or hot spot within a Publisher application without first converting the publication to a Web page. HTML is now a native file format for Publisher.
  • Color Schemes:
  • Introduced in Publisher 98, the 66 coordinated color schemes are integrated into the task pane. New Color Schemes to 2002 include: Eggplant, Grove, Harbor, and Tuscany.
  • Format Dialog Box:
  • The new Format dialog box, familiar in other Office applications, combines the following tabs: Colors and Lines, Size, Layout, Picture, Text Box, and Web.
Product Requirements
  • French Language Version
  • No Retail Box, COA, Printed Manuals or Documentation are Provided
  • This is a Full Version - Not an Upgrade
  • Packaging: Original 1 CD with 'Edge to Edge' Hologram in a Slim Jewel Case with Unique and Unregistered Product Key Number on Generic Sticker for Installation and Registration wrapped in a custom plastic package!
  • Microsoft® 'CD(s) Only' are supplied as 'CD(s) only.' If your intent is to use it as a valid End-User License please obtain your own legal opinions as to the validity. We assume no liability from any consequences arising from your decision.
  • OEM: End-User must purchase with qualifying hardware
  • System Requirements:
  • Minimum Disk Space Requirements: 180MB with 115MB on the hard disk where the OS is installed
  • Minimum Memory Requirements: 24MB for Windows 98, plus an additional 8MB for Publisher
  • Minimum Memory Requirements: 32MB for Windows Me and NT, plus an additional 8MB for Publisher
  • Minimum Memory Requirements: 64MB for Windows 2000 and Windows XP, plus an additional 8MB for Publisher
  • Minimum processor: Pentium® 133MHz processor
  • Operating system : Windows® XP Professional Edition
  • Operating system : Windows® XP Home Edition
  • Operating system : Windows® 2000 Professional
  • Operating system : Windows® 98
  • Operating system : Windows® Me Millennium Edition
  • Operating system : Windows® NT Server V4.0
  • Operating system : Windows® NT Workstation V4.0
  • Recommended memory requirements: 128MB for Windows 2000 and Windows XP
  • Recommended processor: Pentium® III processor
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