6-Foot TOSlink to TOSlink Optical Digital Audio Cable

6-Foot TOSlink to TOSlink Optical Digital Audio Cable
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TOSlink to Toslink 6-Foot Digital Optical Audio Cable.
Connects any stereo or home theater system with Toslink digital audio port. Works with digital receivers, CD/DVD, MiniDisc players/recorders, or any other digital audio device with optical connectors!!
  • 6-Foot TOSlink to TOSlink Optical Digital Audio Cable

  • General Features:

  • TOSLink to TOSLink fiber optic cable

  • Approximately 6-Feet long

  • Color: Black

  • Fiber Optics Benefits:

  • Systems transmit signals as light.

  • Fiber is ideal for high data-rate systems including FDDI, multimedia, Ethernet backbone, ATM, or any network that requires the transfer of large and time consuming files.

  • Greater Distance - Fiber can go as far as several kilometers
  • Low Attenuation - The light signal meets little resistance so data can travel further
  • Better Security - Tap in fiber optic cables are very easy to detect
  • Greater Bandwidth - Fiber can carry a large amount of data
Product Requirements
  • Requirements:
  • Device with TOSLink output
  • Device with TOSLink input
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