3Com/IBM 56K V.90 PCMCIA Data/Fax/PC Card Modem w/XJack

3Com/IBM 56K V.90 PCMCIA Data/Fax/PC Card Modem w/XJack
Product Number 10L7394 Shipping Weight 1.0 lbs
Warranty Period 90 Days Manufacturer 3Com (OEM for IBMl)
Condition Tested Pulls Manufacturer Part No.  
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For all you Notebook owners out there without a modem take a look at this IBM 56k V.90 PCMCIA Data/Fax PC card modem with XJACK by 3Com. Transfers data at 56Kbps and fax at 14.4 Kbps. Hook one up and surf the WEB!!
  • 3Com/IBM 56K V.90 PCMCIA Data/Fax/PC Card Modem w/XJack
  • IBM Modem FRU: 10L7394
  • This Item Contains PC card Only - no drivers, cables, manuals
  • Packaged in Anti-Static Bag
  • This product manufactured for IBM by 3Com Corporation (Model 3cxm356).

  • 56K Data/Fax/Cellular PC Card Modem
  • V.90 56K capable technology
  • 56 Kbps* data/14.4 Kbps fax:

  • Save time and money with virtually real-time access and downloads up to 56K.

  • XJACKŪ Connector:

  • Durable connector delivers easy phone connections and saves you from cable-carrying hassles.

  • Exclusively for Windows:

  • Windows-only design delivers optimized performance-up to 50 percent faster in back-to-back tests

  • Intelligent Auto Install:

  • Easy, doubt-free installation in a matter of minutes.

  • Flash DSP/Flash ROM:

  • Update virtually any function of your modem using simple software downloads.

  • Digital Line Guard:

  • Protects modem from damage if connected to digital or PBX phone lines.

  • Data/fax software:

  • Fax directly from any Windows application and transfer data files at the click of a mouse.

  • Hot swapping:

  • Allows you to switch PC Cards without rebooting or exiting Windows.

  • Guaranteed compatibility:

  • Guaranteed compatibility with all portable computers that comply with the PC Card Standard.

  • Advanced line probing technology:

  • Sorts through the toughest line conditions to help you get connected and stay connected

Product Requirements
  • These were bulk shipped so do not come with any accessories or drivers.
  • Notebook Computer with PCMCIA socket
  • Desktop Computer with PCMCIA socket
  • Windows 95/98/NT
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