Psion Gold Global PC Card 56k plus ISDN

Psion Gold Global PC Card 56k plus ISDN
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Psion Dacom's Gold Card Global Modem 56k + fax is a multifunction PC Card which provides Internet, fax, data and GSM capabilities at 56Kbps. It can also offer ISDN capabilities with much increased data bandwidths when used with the ISDN adapter. The Gold Card Global Modem incorporates flash memory, which enables the user to upgrade easily to both GSM and ISDN as well as the new 56K (V.90) standard. Approved for use globally, the country switching software application, EasySwitch, is quick and simple to use wherever you are. Simply tell it which country you're in and the modem configures itself to comply with the appropriate country standards!!

  • Psion Gold Global PC Card 56k plus ISDN
  • Card Only with Dongle Phone Cable
  • Packed in Antistatic Bag
  • Psion Gold Card 56k plus ISDN - ISDN / analogue modem combo
  • Gold Card Global 56k + ISDN is powered by a Conexant chipset
  • Device Type
  • ISDN / analogue modem combo - PC Card
  • Enclosure Type
  • Plug-in module
  • Max Transfer Rate: 128 Kbps
  • Digital Signaling Protocol: ISDN 5ESS, EURO-ISDN, ISDN - 1(NI-1)
  • Utilizes 'active' ISDN technology making ISDN easy - just plug in the ISDN adapter for high speed digital data
  • Use 64Kbps data or MLPPP for 128Kbps digital data throughput
  • Uses standard Basic Rate Interface (BRI)
  • Bandwidth On Demand (BOD) capable
  • PPP,MLPPP, V120, V110 & X.75 (Transparent & T.70 NL.)
  • Features DIVA ISDN technology from Eicon - a world ISDN leader
  • ISDN Tools make setting up ISDN fast and Simple
  • GSM ready - Major mobile phones supported including Nokia, Ericsson and Motorola
  • Modem Specifications:
  • V.90 (56,000bps)
  • V.32 (1,200bps), V.21 (300bps)
  • V.22 (1,200bps), V.21 (300bps)
  • ISDN Ready
  • V.34 (33,600bps), V.FC (28,800bps)
  • V.32 (1,200/75bps), V.22bis (2,400bps)
  • GSM Ready
  • ISDN Specification:
  • ISDN Port S/T Interface
  • Onboard Processor
  • Installation and ISDN Utility Program
  • Voice communication with Mini Headset (Supplied)
  • Active Device Architecture
  • 8Mb Flash Memory
  • VT100 Emulation Support
  • Flash Memory
  • Protocols Supported:
  • Point to Point Protocol (PPP)
  • Bandwidth On Demand (BOD)
  • PPP Asynchronous to Synchronous
  • Multi Link Point to Point (MLPPP)
  • Bandwidth Allocation Control Protocol (BACP)
  • V120, V110 Rate Adaptation
  • ISDN Support:
  • Euro ISDN
  • At&T 5ESS (North America)
  • NI-1 (North America)
  • Security Protocols:
  • Password authentification Protocol (PAP)
  • Challenge handshake authentification Protocol (CHAP)
  • Modem Data Compression:
  • V.42bis, MNP5
  • Interfaces:
  • 1 x modem - ISDN BRI ST - 1
  • 1 x modem - phone line - RJ-11 - 1
  • Compatible Slots: 1 x PC Card Type II PCMCIA
Product Requirements
  • System Requirements
  • Available PC Card Type II PCMCIA Slot
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