V-Stream Xpert TV-PVR 883 PCI TV Tuner Card Retail Box

V-Stream Xpert TV-PVR 883 PCI TV Tuner Card Retail Box
Product Number VS-LTV883RF Shipping Weight 2.0 lbs
Warranty Period 1 Year Manufacturer KWorld Computer Co.
Condition New Country of Origin Taiwan
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The V-Stream Xpert TV-PVR 883 is a PCI TV Tuner card that allows users to watch TV on their PC, capture video in various formats and playback the videos with ease. New Conexant 10-BIT chipset provides even higher quality video with support for Nicam Stereo and MTS. Also with 'Time Shifting' technology you don't have to miss a thing - with this technology you can record and play TV at the same time.

With V-Stream Xpert TV-PVR 883 PCI card, you can enjoy live TV in a resizable window or full screen on your PC. In addition, you can even hook it up to your home video entertainment system through the additional AV and S-Video input!!

  • V-Stream Xpert TV-PVR 883 TV Tuner Card Retail
  • Attractive Retail Box
  • Scheduling – Record in PC power-off mode - Be able to preset time to record your favorite TV program, like movies or a soap opera, while you have to go out for date or shopping! Via this function, time management will be an easy thing for you!
  • Time-Shifting - With the TVR application, you can pause live TV and continue from where you left with the TimeShift function. Scheduled Recording makes you won't miss any favorite shows, especially it provides a powerful function–S.R.P.O. (Scheduled Recording in Power-Off Mode). This unique record function can let you record & play TV program at same time. Via this function, you won’t miss any part of a TV program.
  • Record & Play in Mpeg 4/2/1 format - Mpeg 4/2/1 compression format can save more space on your hard disk! Via this compression format, the arrangement of the hard-disk space is used more efficiently!
  • Support Dual-language TV program - Stereo Nicam/MTS support can allow you to learn different languages in a more interesting & active way!
  • You can easily converter any video files from avi,mpg,etc with MPEG Converter and then edit your favorite video files with MPEG Editor. Finally, you can burn a DVD/VCD/SVCD with DVD Burn.
  • V-Stream Xpert TV-PVR 883 also includes a fully featured Infrared Remote Control that lets you access every feature with a simple press of a button, especially you can easily shut-down your PC via the remote controller.
  • Watch TV on PC
  • Receive TV: 125 Channel Cable/antenna
  • Video Resolution:
  • NTSC - 30fps @ 720 x 480
  • PAL -30fps @ 720 x 576
  • Best MPEG encoding-great video quality, high compression rate and fast encoding speed.
  • Capture TV and video image as Mpeg4, Mpeg2 and Mpeg1 format
  • SAP support Nicam, A2, MTS- EIAJ & MTS-BTSC
  • Time-shifting to record & playback TV programs at the same time
  • Capture still image in BMP & JPG file format
  • Full function remote controller
  • Time Schedule to preset recording time without power on your PC
  • PIP Playback
  • Specifications:
  • Video input:
  • TV Input: Coaxial (RF)
  • Composite Video Input
  • S-Video Input
  • Audio output:
  • Stereo Audio Output to Speaker
  • Contents:
  • V-Stream Xpert TV-PVR 883 PCI Card
  • Quick installation Installation CD-ROM
  • Quick Installation Manual
  • Audio Cable for connecting to sound card
  • RCA cable for video input
  • Remote Controller and Sensor
Product Requirements
  • PC with Pentium III 800, 128M RAM or above
  • PCI 2.2 Compliant Slot
  • Graphic Card with Microsoft DirectX 8.1 support
  • Sound Card(SoundBlaster 16 Compatible Sound Card)
  • CD-ROM Drive (for software installation)
  • Microsoft Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP
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